Jaywing Plc is an integrated agency specialising in using Data Science to deliver value-added marketing and risk solutions to its clients, operating in both the UK and Australia.


Jaywing is headquartered in Sheffield, with offices in Leeds, Newbury and Sydney, Australia. We employ around 300 people, of whom 1 in 7 is an experienced Data Scientist.


We operate in both the “agency” sector and the “data consulting” sector, with the two strands meeting in the data science that underpins our brand marketing, performance marketing and credit risk and fraud activities.


The Jaywing Proposition


Our agency business offers a fully integrated service that brings together Brand Communication, Website Design & Build, PR & Content, Digital Marketing and Performance Marketing, using sophisticated analysis and modelling to support our clients’ strategic and short-term goals.


Many brands are progressively moving their marketing activities away from traditional channels, such as TV advertising, towards online marketing, such as PPC, SEO and programmatic advertising, and activity via social media channels, which also offer the potential to personalise customer experiences.


We are able to bring together online and offline data to improve sales, reduce churn, build customer loyalty and brand reputation.


Key agency clients include Britvic, Castrol and Studio Retail.


In our data consulting business, we work closely with clients to build statistical models and datasets, primarily in the financial services markets, and usually to satisfy banking regulation, such as calculating capital requirements. This is a very specialist field and one in which we are a major player in the UK.


We also develop our own analysis tools and techniques, incorporating artificial intelligence, to deliver unique data and insights as well as time saving automation across a range of applications.


Key data consulting clients include HSBC, Secure Trust Bank, Ikano Bank and Virgin Money.


We believe that the in-house Data Science capability that supports our agency and consulting businesses gives us a strong competitive advantage in the UK and Australian markets, and enables us to generate unique solutions to client challenges.


Revenue Model


Around 60% of our revenues are recurring monthly from long term client contracts, although these are regularly supplemented with additional billable activity on a project basis.


Our data consulting engagements tend to be project based, typically ranging from 3 months to 12 months, although we have worked for a number of clients for many years, on multiple projects. Approximately 50% of clients each generate revenues in excess of £50k per annum.


Operating Model


Our front office is organised to reflect our three main market sectors:

Retail - which includes Retail, Travel & Leisure, Hospitality, Property & Utilities

FMCG - which includes Consumer Goods, Industrial, Telecoms, Support Services, Healthcare, Education, Public Sector & Non-Profit

F&PS - which includes Financial & Professional Services

These divisions are then supported by our delivery and infrastructure teams, who operate an efficient and highly collaborative business model and culture which ensures that all our capabilities are tailored to the needs of each specific client and market.

In all areas of our business we strive to deliver efficiency of operations to facilitate cost-effective solutions, whilst continuing to innovate in the development of new approached and applications of technology.


Strategic Objective

The Company remains focussed on delivering sustainable growth and shareholder value.


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