Jaywing is a data science-led agency and consulting business with a marketing technology division and the beginnings of an international footprint. 


Jaywing is head quartered in Sheffield, with offices in Leeds, Newbury, London and Sydney, Australia.  


We employ around 400 people, of which over 1 in 7 is an experienced Data Scientist.  We’ve worked hard to create a highly collaborative operating model and culture that has resulted in 1 in 3 of our top 50 clients buying more than one of our service lines.   


Our agency has two core propositions, performance marketing and brand-led marketing.


Performance marketing: where clients rely on us to generate their sales, using search marketing, programmatic display and email.


Brand-led marketing: where clients such as Pepsi and Castrol have switched from traditional channels, such as TV, in favour of using high quality content in social media and other digital channels to engage specific audiences.


Our data science consultancy helps clients do smart things with their data for marketing or risk. 


Marketing practice: we manage on and offline data and use it to build and execute highly personalised customer experiences. We also help clients understand more about their customers and how their marketing activities have performed, including the use of highly sophisticated attribution modelling.


Risk practice: we work closely with lenders to build statistical models to satisfy banking regulation, such as calculating capital requirements.  This is a very specialist field and one in which we are a major player in the UK.


Our Marketing Tech is branded Jaywing Intelligence.  It uses cutting edge technology including artificial intelligence and virtual reality to deliver unique data and insights as well as time saving automation, across a range of applications. 


Business Model


Overall 60% of contracted revenues are recurring, resulting in two thirds of our gross profit being visible 6 months in advance and half being visible 12 months in advance. 


In our agency, performance-led marketing contracts typically range from £6k to £50k per month for 12 to 18 month terms.  Contracts for brand-led marketing are typically 2–3 year framework agreements with long-standing clients in addition to contracts for discrete projects for smaller or newer clients.


The work we do in our consulting business tends to be procured on a project basis, typically between 3 and 12 months for long-established clients.


The contracts for our marketing technology are a mix of licence fees and support agreements.




Our strategy is to innovate, scale and grow.


Innovate: by developing new applications of data science and new marketing technology.


Scale: through international expansion, be that distributing our marketing technology via third parties or through the acquisition of complementary businesses.


Grow: by actively managing our client relationships and continuing to increase the level of cross sales.

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